Dunstable Wind Charming Day

The Flying Squad were asked to be involved with the opportunity to “reveal the wind charmer in you”
The Creative Arts Group commissioned a wind structure to capture the wind on the day.

Gradually over several hours from early morning until lunch time it gradually took shape.

Wind Capture

Wind Capture

Wishes and messages were gathered and attached.

IMG_4119The wind charmers gathered around ready for the kite to go into the Wind.

After two short flights it was felt the wind capturing of the kite was actually making it not fly as well as it might. So the kite was split into 3 parts and flown aloft by Serpent Kites, and all wishes were sent into the wind.

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Sun Burst

Sun Burst

Our “Home” festival was bigger and better than ever this Year!

The Dunstable Kite Festival has grown to a 2 day festival and this year was blessed with great weather.

With Quad copters to capture the event and Stephen Hoath of The Flying Squad & Joe Brown sharing duties on the commentary.
Joe & Stephen Joe & Stephen[/caption]

This year the festival was also able to see Human Kite scupltures, check out the Festival Facebook page for more deatils.





Portsmouth International Kite Festival 2012

August Bank Holiday weekend, Hampshire England.  This was the 21st edition of the Portsmouth Festival that brings kites and flyer’s from all over the globe, to Southsea Common.  Saturday was a day to see some great new kites but variable winds, Sunday was bright and sunny with a better wind coming in off the sea from the Isle of Wight.

This year The Flying Squad were delighted to be joined by Current European Champion  Steff Fermé who will also be joining us again for the week at the Dieppe Festival.

See our pictures here.