Dunstable Downs International Kite Festival 2012

The 14th & 15th July saw the first ever two day kite festival at the National Trust’s Dunstable Downs site.  Saturday was wet with very light winds but Sunday was bright andsunny with lots of wind.  We flew lots of routines and made a lot of noise with 6 North Shore Radicals!

This year The Flying Squad were delighted to be able to host Belgian kite designer Jos Valcke and his wonderful kites at the festival.  Jos’s kites added a real splash of colour and an international flavour to our favourite flying site.  Joined on Sunday by Sebastian JĂĽttemeier the sky was filled to bursting.

See our pictures here.

Berck Sur Mer 2012

Berck sur Mer Kite Festival Banner

It’s finally here!  The first festival of the kite season is upon us and boy what a way to start.

The Flying Squad - Revolution stacks.

Berck is probably the largest kite festival in the world, whether you go by number of spectators, kite fliers or countries represented and is something of a kiting Mecca.  The Squad have been flying at this festival since our beginings back in 1999 and something that we really look forward to.

This year the event is also hosting the dual line sport kite World Championships. With 15 of the top teams from around the world it should be a great show.  Fingers crossed for another British win by the legendary Scratch Bunnies.

The Scratch Bunnies - World Champions 2010

Look out for photos of the event when we get back, but with ten days of solid kite flying, it might be a few days until we have recovered enough to upload the images!

(posted 05/04/2012)