The Kites

We are able to fly almost any type of kite, we’ve not found one yet that we can’t fly!

Choosing different kites for different winds we are able to compete or display in the widest of conditions.  Whether we are flying our range of single line kites or performing one of our many choreographed kite ballet routines, we only choose the best.

Revolution Kites interacting with a sculpture

Revolution kites were the first and still the best choice of four line kites.  These incredibly maneuverable and robust kites are perfect for our formation team displays.

Revolution Kites Logo

With their unique flying abilities we are able to create elaborate formations and patterns and even stack them together to make ground sculptures.

New carbon! Revolution Kites the best carbon for quads. Thanks for the support now and over the years.

Revolution Spars – Strong, Ultra Light & Race

Carbon rods for our 4 line kites. The best choice, thank you Lolly Hadzicki Revolution Kites for the support for Holland Kite TeamThe Flying Squad at the World Kite Cup Berck 2024.

In partnership with Pedro Gonzalez, Stephen Versteegh has evolutionized the Revolution style quad line kite.
Pedro perfected the art of printing art work directly onto kites.  This technique allows us to have our own unique designs on our kites.

Printed Revolution by Los Hermanos
Laser Pro logo

The Flying Squad are proud to have been the first kite team in the world to use these amazing creations and boy do they look good!  Take a close up look at the detail to really appreciate these kites.
Stephen and Daniel, flew these kites to European victory in 2023, having earlier won the UK championships.

The Flying Squad as you can probably imagine use a lot! of string and have over the years been sponsored by various manufacturers of Kite line.

Barry Poulter Master Series Kites

We are currently seeking a new line sponsor for our 25th Anniversary year.  Please get in touch if this is something you would like to be involved with.

At the The Flying Squad we don’t just use Quad Line kites, we also use dual line kites to use as a team kite. It’s precision, maneuverability and advanced trick ability make them ideal for the team’s routines.  It’s strong graphics and flyability make this a popular kite with the team.

Carl Robertshaw Serpent Deltas

Carl Robertshaw is perhaps the UK’s most famous and prolific kite designer and maker. Carl is famous for his Serpent Delta Kites.

These beautiful kites are graceful and stable during the day, but ethereal and elegant when flown at night under spot lights. We fly these regularly at festivals and events , they are a great crowd pleaser.

Carl is also one of the design team for The Hatchling


The Hatchling

The hatchling dragon kite in flight.
The Hatchling
(c) Dom Moore

“The Hatchling is a ground-breaking outdoor theatrical performance that unfolds over a weekend of events leading up to an extraordinary finale.”

Stephen Hoath as Flight Director is proud to be involved with the project and was responsible for the flight of the dragon over Plymouth in 2021.

Together with a hand picked group of fliers, including several from The Flying Squad.

Stephen continues this collaboration and will be flight director for the upcoming Wakefield 2024 event.