Our Displays

We tailor our displays to the event we are at.  Using a mixture of single, Two and Four line kites we create a show just for you. At kite festivals you will usually find us performing one of our many choreographed ballet routines using both dual & quad line kites.

We collaborate around the World on major projects, from a huge world wide event back in 1999 when the Squad first started out at the Big Time (Millennium in London), coming up to date with more World wide events such as the The FIFA World Cup opening in Moscow in 2018. In 2021 The Flying Squad provided the Flight Director (Stephen Hoath) and kiters to The Hatchling Plymouth event 2021.

Stephen will reprise this again in 2024 at the Hatchling Wakefield 2024 event.

Kites flown in the shape of the ball, this was used as the logo for the opening event.

The Professional kite team of FIFA World Cup 2018.

A Ball shape in the sky represented by kites


 A video of a Quad line routine choreographed to the theme form Mission Impossible 3.  This was flown at the Berck Sur Mer International Festival.

A video of a Quad line routine choreographed to the track Hindi Diamonds from Moulin Rouge Original Sound Track.  This was flown at the Portsmouth International Festival.