“EuroVolution” at the Ostend LOTTO KITES INTERNATIONAL

On the same weekend that the politics of the continent were being fought out in the annual Eurovision competition, Rev flyers from across Europe demonstrated their ability to cooperate in a truly international mega-team at the Ostend International Kite Festival.  Representatives from England, Wales, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Spain braved strong winds and stinging sand to show off their skills to the even braver audience.  Not only did we need excellent flying skills we also needed to be able to quickly process calls being given in at least 4 languages!  Congratulations to Stephen (The Flying Squad) and Marc (Air4ce) for keeping us in order.

The wind was not kind to the festival, showing that you can have too much of a good thing; blasting us with wind speeds of more than 40 kph through out the weekend and gusts of around 100 kph!   We were all “blown away” by more than the wind and must thank Lien and her team of hardworking volunteers, including the ever-smiling field director who weathered all that the weather threw at him.

While sheltering from some of the worst of the weather, Gee and Ryan decided to make up a kite more suited to the wind we were experiencing.  It flew really well too (Ryan even got a axle out of it!).

Ostend is a fabulous kite festival in a stunning location and we are already looking forward to next year’s 30th Ostend LOTTO International Kite Festival.