Basingstoke International Kite Festival 2012

Basingstoke International Kite Festival What a great weekend we had at this years festival!   A very English affair, this event has been described by some of the international guests as a perfect English Garden Party with kites.

Saturday had the best of the weather with great displays by all the kite fliers.  Basingstoke Kite Festival manages to have a great family feel with all the invited guests working as one team to create a great show.

This year was no exception with all the fliers helping each other meaning the sky was never empty.  We were delighted to get the opportunity to fly the Sode kites by Janneke Groen; Kelvin Woods’ butterflies and Nick James’ beautiful angels.

Kites Up Banners

The weather on Sunday was a little more challenging with very light winds in the more and the odd rain shower in the after noon.  We managed to be the ones out flying when the rain came down in buckets.  Still, we managed to keep the commentary team entertained even if everyone else had run for cover!

Can’t wait until next years event.  Many thanks to the Loddon Valley Kite Fliers for their hard work in creating such a great event.