27e Rencontres Internationales de Cerfs-Volants de Berck-sur-Mer (R.I.C.V.)

The first festival of the season for The Flying Squad, RICV Berck is one of the biggest kite events you will see.  Whether you count the size of the flying space, the number of spectators, the number of invited guests or the different kinds of kites flying, RICV Berck is big. This year’s festival was no exception.

During this 10 day event we enjoyed the best of winds and the worst of winds.  Every kite combination came out of the bag and quite often all one day!  To the credit of Revolution Kites and the teams that fly them, no matter what the weather threw at us, the show went on.

There is not enough space to write a detailed report of the festival but for The Flying Squad this event was memorable for the three things.  The smooth clean winds that made the routines so easy to fly, the Rev Mega Team and of course the return of our good friends Team FLIC.

The Mega Teams, both dual and quad line are an important part of the daily kite show and this year the Rev Mega team got creative.  The sound of 30 grown men and women making car noises as a giant 2CV made out of kites flies across the sky is something we will never forget!

So, if you’re planning the schedule for next year and you have not yet been to Berck, do yourself a favour and add it to the list.

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